Jason Hunter Watson

Explo(r|it)er. Truth-teller. Reputable fabulist.

Made in Los Angeles, CA.

As a generalist, I do my best work when exploring complex ideas, simplifying complicated systems, and consciously leading teams in such endeavors with humor and candor.

I have worked as a software designer, web developer, project manager, product strategist, information architect, writer, fitness trainer, line cook, theatre projectionist, rare coin and diamond merchant, horticulturalist, glassblower, drug dealer, and postal worker.

In 2009, I created a recipe blog (defunct) to teach myself SEO that landed me a multi-book deal which has since sold over 300,000 copies.

From 2010–2015, I designed and developed over 200 websites for small to medium size businesses under the Designpx brand.

From 2014–2020, I was part of the core leadership team at GMB Fitness where I lead product development, implemented project management, and improved team cohesion systems and practices across the board.

Currently building the Exploriter brand which includes …

I write a newsletter for curious minds called TEN about interesting tools, systems, and ideas that shape and refine how we think and act.

More about me (and where I fit in a team)...

What am I good at?

I prefer to manage the how vs. the what. That is to say, context rather than content. To build and support foundations that engender trust and foster curiosity, growth, responsibility, and openness in ways that do not condemn their opposites but instead use techniques to shift from one to the other.

I take a human-centered and forgiving approach and aim to minimize ego wherever and whenever possible.

As for the work itself, I thrive in the communal and active part of the ideation process—the work that brings clarity to an idea so that it becomes a project—as well as the expansion, attention to detail, and optimization once something is active in the real world.

Most work goes through similar inter/intra-looping phases; for simplicity sake, it may look something like...

  1. Ideation (conceptual)
  2. Exploration (play)
  3. Shaping (à la Basecamp's Shape Up)
  4. Assessment (risks and assets)
  5. The Work (concept -> reality)
  6. Presentation (actualized/contextualized)
  7. Improvement (and maintenance)

Using this model, I excel at 2, 3, and 7. I enjoy 1 and 4, and struggle to maintain interest in 5 and 6.

However, I have dedicated several years and significant attention toward acquiring above-baseline skills in many areas outside of my immediate interests. As such, I am an excellent translator between the languages of management, strategy, design, development, marketing, sales, and support.

I enjoy roles where I can translate complexity into simplicity, contribute to and embody new points of view, demonstrate resourcefulness, and engage my contrarian side in ways that are more dialectic than combative.

More practically, this means I am well suited to the role of COO or more strategic and problem-solving roles in Product rather than forward-facing roles in Marketing or Sales.

The truth is, I don't care what the role is as long as it affords the opportunities I have mentioned, evokes the pioneering spirit of adventure, and is with a team who are committed to learning, fun, impact, and doing so with candor and grace.

In the end, I want to create something that stands the test of time with people who understand that building a team and company is as important—if not more so—than the products or services it provides.